#CartridgeFantasy: A Retro Canvas For You

We just launched a new project called #CartridgeFantasy for artists world who love retro video games! We’re currently testing out how it works with some new voting and contest features with colored cartridges! It’s going to be fun.

Check out the Cartridge Fantasy website!

New Piko Piko Detroit Storenvy Is Now Live!

Our new Piko Piko Detroit merch store on Storenvy is up and running! The store currently features pre-orders for our new piko designs. We’re also adding new art, music, and fashion items on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for some cool 8-bit inspired goods in the future!

2/8/2014 Release: April Showers & May Flowers EP by The One Electronic

Event Report: Youmacon 2013

GM Renaissance Center, November 2nd, 2013 - Detroit - We hosted another successful panel at this year’s Youmacon 2013! The panel, which included workshops in LSDJ, Pixel Art, 1-Bit music, as well as live performances and dancing was packed to capacity with over 90 in attendance! This was our 2nd year to participate as a group, and the 3rd for our PPD community founders. Youmacon holds a special place in our hearts as the birthplace of PPD and it’s always great to be back. So, thanks to all of our fans and supporters who helped make this possible, and we hope to see you there again next year! See the whole post for all of our photos!

Event Report: TEDxDetroit 2013

Cobo Center, October 2nd, 2013 - Detroit - We have been invited this year for the first time to host our own booth in the Labs section of the 5th annual TExDetroit even in Downtown Detroit! Hundreds of attendees check out our display and we responded many questions and interviews. It was very exciting and an inspiring experience! Thank you for your support, and see you there next year!

For more information on TEDxDetroit visit:

Presenters: The Fleshy Timeclock/Watabou/Pikoboy/Anti-Cheat
Photos by Pikoboy/Anti-Cheat

9.28.2013: PPD Radio Kick-Off Live UStream!

Join our live stream of a local chiptune party this weekend! It will be our kick-off event for our upcoming PPD Radio channel.

Access the PPD Radio Channel

News: PPD Community & Forum!

We have launched a brand new forum for everything 8-bit inspired in arts, music, and everything else (indie games, anime, culture, etc!).

Join us now at: http://forum.pikopikodetroit.net